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Images from My Heart Has Wings
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My Heart Has Wings


Read what people are saying about My Heart Has Wings:

Kris King shares her intimate life stories with authenticity, clarity and openness, and she shares the lessons and wisdom she has gained from them. There are questions and reflections after each of the 52 stories that are helpful in exploring how to apply this wisdom to my own life.

I have infinite affection and gratitude for Kris King. I have attended most of her seminars prior to getting her book. Her seminars are the best use of money I have ever spent on anything for myself. Because of Kris and her seminars, I have moved from a place of profound 'stuckness', to where I now identify and realize my wants and dreams.

In her seminars, as in her book, Kris doesn't give me the answers. She facilitates me in finding my own answers. To me, her seminars are a laboratory for the human soul where I have been able to study myself and other people and figure out what works for me. It is the most loving and accepting environment I have ever found. And what I have learned are ways to create that same environment in my own life.

Kris's book is not even the tip of the iceberg of what her seminars include. If you love Dr. Wayne Dyer, if you love Marianne Williamson, if you love Caroline Myss, if you love Louise Hay, definitely put Kris King and her book and seminars on your list too.

Like Ghandi, Kris King lives her message. She is truly one of the great lights of this earth.

– Tender Dove

Author Kris King has managed to give us a year's worth of information for personal reflection in one beautiful volume that is clearly from her heart. Not many books can impact people of different ages and backgrounds like MY HEART HAS WINGS. The world is a better place because of her sharing so much of herself with authors. A job well done!

– C.A. Webb

Author Kris King advises us there are five different ways to view this book, ensuring you'll find a way that suits you. I chose to go with the third option - this meant opening the book at any page and seeing what you could "find for yourself in the moment." This way is called synchronicity and worked well for me.

The first page I opened spoke of how we don't need specific dates to tell our close ones we love them. As long as we acknowledge each other every day and tell each other we care, this is all that truly matters.

The next section after this is what I call a reflection questionnaire - there are questions which you answer regarding how you feel and what your desires in life are. Most of the answers I could provide yet some I just didn't know.

However one question I came across on page 218 really jumped out at me: "do you ever feel as if you were watching your own life go by? That your life isn't really about you, it's going on without you? You can see it happening 'out there' and yet you are not there?" How absolutely correct! You will feel the same with many of the other questions you are asked.

King strikes me as a writer who has much understanding of life.

After her son died she started to do the things she'd always dreamed of, traveling and climbing mountains, meeting other less fortunate people and learning from them that despite hunger, homelessness and disease they were happy just being themselves.

I found a really clever passage that Mrs King personally wrote after the death of her son, Matthew: "Every exit, is an entrance, to somewhere else."

Throughout this book there are lots of quotes that make you go "wow" that is just like me. King has an understanding of life and love and loss and appears to be a very spiritual woman. Her questions and answers make you look at your life in steps and work out what you desire most.

The beautiful photographs throughout really finish this off well. I would thoroughly recommend this as a present, if you know someone who is into this way of thinking.

I greatly enjoyed this one and the pretty front cover certainly catches your eye.

A book to learn and live by.

– Jessica Roberts

Congratulations on bring your book to fruition. It is one of the most lusciously beautiful publications I've seen in a long time! And it is truly an inspired gift to the world.

– Jan Meredith

The best person to fix your life is—YOU—and that is the best possible description of the short, reflective stories that are in this book. The many facets of Kris King's life have led her to this conclusion, and I totally agree with everything she has to say about how a person who is living the problem is often best served by looking within to see what caused the problem and to find the answers about how to stop, or help, or right the situation.

My Heart Has Wings lets the reader see that, just as there are many different things in life that can put a person into a tailspin, there are just as many ways to get right back on top of the problem by looking at it through the prism of honesty and truth. If it is a health issue, you must get well, then get back into life. She helps you to understand this with a dissertation about the problem and a few inspiring thoughts that help to make you better able to understand what is happening and why you might feel the way you do about whatever situation you are facing. Then she gives you a guideline page in which to put your own "Reflections" down on paper, so that you can wrap your head around the whole set of ideas that brought you to the place in your mind where the situation became a problem. By reading and understanding how you are feeling and why, you will be better able to cope with whatever life hands you.

Life always hands you something that you are not expecting, and even the things you are expecting may not always turn out the way you want them to. So, in that vein, this is a great little book to have around to refer to when you feel the need for a bit of a helping hand.

– Claudia Turner VanLydegraf

My Heart Has Wings is a true treasure to cherish, to aid in reflection and allowing each and every individual to become the very best person that they can be. I really enjoyed this collection, for both the thought provoking stimulation, as well as the visual stimulation. I found the entire book to be very calming and comforting and truly feel this holds something for everyone.

– A. Pohren